Now located in Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY!

Welcome to Penny Lane Ices!

Are you looking for a refreshing & delicious treat to serve at a special event in your life? If so, you've come to the perfect place! Our plentiful selection of specialty flavored ice sorbet is the perfect dessert for weddings, corporate events, graduation parties, and more!

Our ingredients and service provide our customers with an inviting, enjoyable treat that everyone can enjoy! Our tasty flavors are both dairy and gluten-free, allowing you to accommodate all guests, regardless of food allergies. With mouthwatering Penny Lane Ices, you'll give your guests a dessert they won't forget!

Visit us at our NEW LOCATION

Penny Lane Ices now has a home in Albany, New York at Crossgates Mall (lower level) near the movie theater. Come and see us today!

Now proudly serving the Lemon Ice King of Corona Ice
Fresh and direct from Queens, New York!

A sweet treat for all.

Penny Lane Premium Ices has something for everyone. With a variety of flavors to choose from including our delicious fruity flavors like lemon, raspberry, and mango to our more indulgent flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and coffee, we can guarantee your experience with Penny Lane Ices will leave you wanting more!